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I didn't realise I'd need I.T. skills to be a Yoga teacher !

I've been using Facebook for a few years now and have a handful of friends whose posts I enjoy reading and responding to so I felt I was doing a pretty good job of keeping up but during my Yoga Teacher Training course I was introduced to Drop Box which challenged me to locate and upload images and documents otherwise I'd have fallen behind in my assignments, I'm not great with change and technology but needs must.

Moving on ..... I now teach yoga and decided it would be best to create a separate Facebook page for my business which I thought would be soooo easy but no, now I need an administrator to help me manage this. Two months of sheer frustration of not understanding what I'm supposed to do and worse still - not asking for help, my son resolves it in a matter of minutes. Ta Da! I now have my Yoga with Collette Facebook page which I take great pleasure posting to even though most of my students tell me they don't do Facebook but I'm determined to hang onto the coat tails of social media.

Enter 2019 when I promised myself I would conquer the world of websites and create one for my business but I still haven't learnt that sometimes asking for help is okay. How hard can it be? People tell me its a simple process, the web builder site says just follow the instructions, anyone can do this...... but not me, again the language used confused me as I just couldn't understand what I was supposed to do.

This got me thinking about how I teach my yoga and the language I use in my classes, it can be challenging as a new teacher, armed with all this exciting knowledge and Sanskrit names that I''m keen to pass onto my students but like my challenges with I.T., how can I ensure my language is inclusive for everyone and how can I ensure I create an environment that students feel its good to ask for help? Yoga isn't easy, just like my lack of I.T. skills, it can be mentally and physically challenging which is a good thing but we all need help and my new challenge for 2019 will be to ensure I use language and cues that everyone gets and if they don't - I truly hope they will ASK FOR HELP!

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