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Inside or Outside ?

We're now out of winter and enjoying the longer and sometimes warmer, sunnier days of Spring. Nature is bursting into life all around us and I'm desperate to spend more time in the garden which isn't always easy working full time, running a yoga business and being part of a family.

All winter I've rolled out my mat wherever I can find space in the house to practice, but the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors on a sunny Spring day is meant to be good for the soul. But..... the reality at this time of year is the grass is wet and muddy, very soft underfoot which makes balance all the more difficult. I also have a joyous and energetic terrier puppy (Milo) that loves to dig and bounds onto my mat covered in soil gifting me with muddy sticks and stones. I adore him but don't think I'll be posting videos of us doing yoga together anytime soon as his idea of yoga is nipping at my toes or chewing the corners of my mat.

From inside my house the outside looks sunny and inviting but outside I'm now getting chilly my mats a mess and I'm wondering if it's really worth it?

The answer of course is absolutely yes, yoga isn't just about poses, breathing and meditation and being serious, sure its all those things but so much more, I'm outside breathing in crisp fresh air, the sun is semi-warm on my face and I'm laughing and chasing Milo off my mat who now thinks this is a game. The feeling of soft earth beneath my bare feet brings a sense of freedom, almost childlike, to have dirty feet when they should be wrapped up in socks and shoes when outside at this time of year. I'm breathing, I'm moving, I'm laughing and I'm sharing this moment with a young soul and for me that's got to be my best yoga session ever! Today is about living in the moment and enjoying the freedom that practising outside brings for me it may be wild and messy but I'm loving it

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